The bar is where your guests first gather to begin to unwind and allow the mood of the moment to catch up with them. As with our menu options, the bar is a versatile environment that can be tailored to the tone you wish to set. The Hosted Bar might suit a formal setting such as a wedding; the Cash Bar is the usual choice for a business celebration; the Open Bar is yet another variation if you favor a running tab. The bar is a lighthearted, warm gathering place where a sense of conviviality comes naturally. The right selection of beverages adds immensely to the pleasures of a good meal in good company. A good wine, a refreshing beer, a perfectly mixed cocktail or even a soft drink or warm, fresh ground coffee, all contribute to the mood and success of your event.


Open Bar – Running tab
Hosted Bar – Price charged per guest
Cash Bar – Guests pay per drink
Bar options can be tailored to accommodate open bar and cash bar.

Themed Bar

  • Champagne Service, Sparkling Wines, Sparkling Cider (additional fee)
  • Bloody Mary Bar
  • Martini Bar
  • Signature Drinks
  • Vermont Beer & Wine Bar

*Bar Setup Includes License, Insurance, All Soft Drinks, Juices, Mixers and Garnishes, Water, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee & Tea Station.

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